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Rotary seals Oli Lock for gas meters

Client situation

Major activity of AB Lietuvos Dujos (Lithuanian Gas, JSC) covers purchasing and selling natural gas, distribution services and sustainable development of natural gas distribution facilities. Company's mission is safe and reliable gas supply to improve everybody's  comfort level. However, Lithuanian Gas company has faced frequent violations against gas metering systems. Based on long experience and assessing emerging novelties in the market, solutions to the problem have been sought within the company, yet no suitable and effective solutions has been found.


After the procurement procedures UAB „Vertybių sauga“ offered the best solution for additional security measures concerning gas metering systems. Several protective sealing equipment instruments were introduced (plastic, metal, adhesive and antimagnetic) along with applicable accessories. After AB Lietuvos dujos has decided to choose Rotary seals OliLock for gas meters, company is happy to announce that problems arising due to the safety of latter issue have been considerably reduced.
Description/More about product

Twist-type seal Oli Lock

  • Security level:
  • Reusability:
  • Delivery up to 24 hours: Yes

Client comment

After our company began using  sealing solutions offered by UAB „Vertybių sauga“, illegal consumption of gas has been obviously reduced. We haven‘t made any official research yet, however we have faced number of very vivid cases of individual users, whose level of gas consumption raised up couple of times.

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