Security measures affect our
service quality up to 50%





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Quality of the service we provide
has been improved by approx. 20%


UAB "Pieno tyrimai"



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Professional protective seals solutions

Every client seeks to find solutions for unique problems. As we are acknowledged experts in the field of protective sealing, our primary goal is to genuinely help them make a right decision which would not only solve the problem but also give measurable financial benefits, reduce time costs and let your company become more environmentally friendly. Since we‘ve been working for over 12 years we've found plenty of solutions for our clients.

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Lietuvos Dujos (ESO)

After company started using protective seals offered by UAB "Vertybių sauga" illegal consumption of gas went lower

 2 times

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Euro Cash 1

Solutions offered UAB "Vertybių sauga" have eliminated transportation safety risk of the material values. Security measures affected service quality up to


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ProductBusiness areasSecurity levelDelivery up to 24 hoursCustomisationDimensionsUnit PriceQty
Plastic pull up seal Universal S; M; L3YesYesS - 160 mm (Operational length); M - 240 mm (Operational length); L - 340 mm (Operational length)€ 1.00Add to cart
Plastic pull up seal Universal XL4YesYes453 mm (bendras ilgis)€ 1.00Add to cart
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