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Security bags for milk samples

Client situation

State Enterprise Pieno Tyrimai is an accredited central laboratory of milk testing in Lithuania. It performs all the compulsory composition and quality testing of purchased cow milk for payment purposes as well as all the necessary testing of raw milk for dairy herd improvement.
Since the very beginning company is using plastic containers for samples of raw milk transportation. There was no troube while the samples had to be transported only in larger containers, which hold up to 80 vessels.
In case of direct milk sample collection when the samples are brought directly from dairy farms caused lower demand for container capacity, which may have been transported in 4 cups. Unfortunately, our containers were inconvenient – they took a lot of space and we often had to use them to transport just one sample, containers were also prone to breaking and  ruining actual samples.


UAB „Vertybių sauga“ has offered us much more convenient solution – security bags, that are not just more compact than plastic containers, but also more secure - even  a slightest breach of bag is visible for laboratory technician, this allows to assess the representativeness of the sample.
In 2007 SE „Pieno tyrimai“ started using security bags as an experimental alternative, but in 2008 they chose to cease using containers and relies on security bags only.
Description/More about product

Security bags

  • Security level:
  • Reusability:
  • Delivery up to 24 hours: Yes

Client comment

Solution, proposed by UAB „Vertybių sauga“, allowed us not only to improve the quality of our service but also to reduce the costs of transported samples protection. 

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